GAT – Gas-Actuated Tools & Accessories

Expandet Gas Powered Concrete Nailer

Gas-powered Concrete-nailer for concrete and steel substrates. Offer quick and reliable fixing of drywall tracks, wood furring & hat channels . Is supplied in rugged carrying case with 2 batteries, 2-hour battery charger and belt-hook. Drives 15mm to 40mm pins (1½2 – 1 1½2”)

Expandet Gas-Powered Insulation Nailer

Expandet Gas-Powered Insulation Nailer – for fast and reliable fixing of insulation on concrete. Supplied in rugged carrying case, with 2 batteries and 2hour charger. Insulation thickness from 40 mm to 140 mm. use in some brick types are possible provided that on-site tests are performed successfully.

Expandet 12 Bar fuel Cell

Expandet 12 Bar fuel Cell for Gas-powered Concrete Nailers.154 mm fuel Cell (1300 + shots per cell) is compatible with ITW Spit and Powers Track It®. suitable for use in both Expandet Gas Powered Concrete Nailer and Expandet Gas-Powered Insulation Nailer.

Expandet Premium Concrete Pins

Expandet Premium Concrete Pins is produced using two-step shank technology and optimized hardness for better performance in concrete and steel. They are, among other, compatible with ITW/ Spit, Powers, Senco, Bea and TyRex.

Expandet Insulation Washer

Expandet Insulation Washers are produced in: HDPE.