Range and accessories

Expandet Tip

Expandet Tip Grey 19 mm
Expandet Tip Grey 22 mm

Expandet Rubber Buffer

Expandet Rubber Buffer, black with screw

Expandet Glide Nail

Glide nail, orange plastic Ø18
Glide nail, orange plastic Ø20
Glide nail, orange plastic Ø25

Expandet Felt Shoe with nail

Felt Shoe with nail Ø20 white
Felt Shoe with nail Ø24 white
Felt Shoe with nail Ø20 black
Felt Shoe with nail Ø24 black

Expandet Hook

Hook Ø4 x 9,5 mm
Hook Ø5 x 12 mm
Hook Ø6 x 16 mm
Hook Ø8 x 20 mm
Hook Ø12 x 25 mm
Hook Ø14 x 30 mm
Hook Ø16 x 40 mm

Expandet Screw Hook light

Screw Hook light 2,5 x 25 mm
Screw Hook light  3,0 x 40 mm
Screw Hook light 3,5 x 50 mm
Screw Hook light 3,5 x 60 mm

Expandet Screw Hook heavy

Screw Hook heavy 4,8 x 65 mm
Screw Hook heavy 6,0 x 80 mm

Expandet Lamp Hook

Lamp Hook 4,0 x 60 mm
Lamp Hook 4,0 x 80 mm
Lamp Hook  4,0 x 100 mm

Expandet Angle Hook

Angle Hook 3,0 x 30 mm
Angle Hook 3,0 x 40 mm
Angle Hook 3,8 x 50 mm
Angle Hook 4,0 x 60 mm

Expandet Concrete Hook

Concrete Hook Mini
Concrete Hook Midi
Concrete Hook Maxi

Expandet FastCaps

Expandet FastCaps, self-adhesive covercaps Self-adhesive moisture resistant covercaps in a wide variety of colours, supplied in both plastic and real wood for optimal finish and fast mounting.

Expandet Cover Caps

Expandet Cover Caps are durable plastic caps, mounted directly to the screw head grooves. Available for 14 mm hole, T-drive 10, 20, 30 and 40. An easy and economical solution.

Expandet Assortment Boxes

If you need a bit of everything , a Expandet assortments be the solution. There are assortment boxes with both plaster and wall fixings, only wall fixings and more.

Expandet Magnettop

Expandet Magnettop are available for Hex head screws in 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm og 24 mm.

Expandet Toolbox

The toolbox for every purpose. Made in impact resistance plastic and with alum-handle.