It doesn’t need to be that complicated, therefore Expandet Do-It-Yourself offers a concept that easily and quickly guides you to the right choice of product and handling.

Our Do-It-yourself program consists of approximately 75 different high quality products, mainly for most type of fixings.
The program also includes a series of accessory products, such as longer screws, hooks, angular hooks and the adhesive covering caps and FastCaps for a nice finish.

Do-It-Yourself System

Expandet Diamond provides a great introductory overview. In almost everything we sell and market, the colors goes again. It should be easy to find the right product for the material.


It has never ben easier to do it yourself. With our 9 dedicated Do-It-EASY-Yourself bags, there are pre-packaged solutions for the most common fixings. All bags contain just what you need for the specific task.

Do-It-Yourself Poster

A significant part of our Do-It-yourself concept is to make it easy to choose the right product. We have therefore developed a poster that you can find in most of our dealers stores, which can easily and quickly guide you to select the right product.